août 14, 2014

Time to stop?


This message has probably reached you at a busy moment. You’ve got no time to waste. You’re busy running through your Facebook stream, your overflowing inbox, or flipping through web pages, looking for something.

One more, one more, one more.

One of these moments, these little empty spaces that you decided to fill by processing some of the infinite influx coming at you. Maybe something will be sufficiently interesting (or bizarre) to catch your attention for a couple of seconds.

It somehow gives the sense of having accomlished something, doesn’t it? At the same time though it often leaves the aftertaste of dissatisfaction, which maybe, just maybe, will be sated by the next message, or the one just after that.

Next, next next.

I wonder if it might be time to stop. To lift your head. To take a look around.

That’s the kind of message I’d like to find sometimes, when I’m caught up in my routine of “let’s go see if I have any messages.” The equivalent of a tap on the shoulder, something to suddenly wake me up, shake me from the torpor I have fallen into despite my best intentions.

But of course, it’s also the type of message I’d be most likely to ignore. I’d read it, say “hmmm,” click “archive,” and move on to the next message without looking up.

Because even though I’d like to believe otherwise, most of the time I don’t really want to be disturbed. I am too busy doing the “next, next, next” dance, too busy being busy, getting through the endless thread of messages sent to me for some reason or another.

But, hey, let’s say that by some miracle I were to respond to the invitation. That I were to stop. Raise my head. Take some breaths. Forget that I’m busy, and take a look around. I’d really take a good look.


And I’d find it beautiful.

Let’s create what we love,


photo: Vanessa Naylon