Tell an inspiring story with your life and your work in 2015

What do you want to create?
What needs to be transformed for that to become a reality?

Chances are, you’re here because something is calling to you.

You may be a leader, an entrepreneur, a creator, or consider yourself « in transition » — but in any case you keep hearing a voice that tells you: « Enough with the status quo. Time for a change! »

The people I work with come from all over the world, have a variety of background and experiences, but they all have two things in common:

  1. They feel a strong urge to move out of same-old same-old;
  2. They deeply want to contribute to the world in their own unique way.

If this is you, then keep reading. I don’t care if you feel lost, or overwhelmed, or whether you have clarity or not at the moment — what matters is that you’re feeling called to an adventure and that you’re fed up with postponing it.

You’re ready to create a more fulfilling story for you to live in, and a more inspiring one for others to watch

What does « leading a good life » means?

This is such a personal thing… Jonathan Fields, creator of The Good Life Project, asked 29 change-makers — here are their answers:

(thanks to Troy Young for the montage)

What is YOUR answer to this question?

Answering the call is scary

Leaving home base and entering into the unknown can be terrifying.

That’s why flashes of inspiration and resolve are usually followed by periods of self-doubt and darkness. Confusion, overwhelm and stuckness take hold. The success of the journey looks improbable. The mountain way too high. The change, impossible.

As if by magic, busyness comes to the rescue. There is so much to do already, more than you can cope with anyway, so for now let’s just try to make it through the day, ok?

Months, years get to pass that way.

Problem is: the internal pressure created by that calling grows more and more intense as the weeks and months and years go by. And your confidence in your ability to actually do what you’ve promised yourself you’d do goes down the opposite direction. So something has to be done.

Maybe a good kick in the pants? A good dose of self-reproach, a gulp of guilt? No, wait, you’ve tried that already and it didn’t work.

Let’s switch gear and enlist an ally

Let’s find a partner. Someone who would know how to coach you into creating what you’ve been dreaming about.

Someone who will accelerate the transformations that need to happen for you to grow into the person who can step into the new story.

Someone who is there for the sole purpose of helping you answer the call and make it through the other side.

Someone who will equip you for the journey and its many obstacles. Who will whisper in your ear what you most need to hear at critical times. Remind you of your vision when you falter. And applaud when you soar.

That’s me. Hello.

What happens when we work together

As your ally and creative partner, I’m not here to fix you — but to help you enjoy your life and your work more, by creating it to reflect who you are and what matters most to you.

Just by having a very particular kind of conversation, your life improves. Over time, you get to live and work with greater and greater ease as you:

  • Act from clarity
  • Use inspiration rather than guilt as fuel
  • Relax under pressure
  • Create ample reserves of time, money and love
  • Plug the holes in your energy system
  • Focus on your strenghts and gifts
  • Design supportive and energizing environments
  • Show up authentically and communicate better
  • Play games you enjoy, and can win
  • Develop the capacity to be fully present without avoiding anything
  • Thrive in the midst of change and uncertainty
  • Listen to and act from your intuition
  • Know where to apply your focus at any given time
  • Transform obstacles so they dissolve
  • Operate from your values and what matters most…
what they say

« Yan can look at people and figure out what they need to see in their own best interest, and guide them to seeing it. This guiding quality is sophisticated and it’s patient.

PaulRichardsHe can figure out where a person is and work without opposing them, without fighting how someone already sees something, but walk with them in their own head and move them through a process where they can see something that they otherwise couldn’t.

All without abusing power: If ever I saw a person that would use just enough force, it would have to be him… »

Paul Richards — Founder, Senté Center (

« Inspired Discovery » — a free and impactful 60-min. coaching session

Reading or talking about coaching is not enough. Experience it directly.

If you’re willing to step into a creative orientation to life this year…

If you’re willing to say YES to what is calling to you (even if you don’t know exactly what that is for now)…

Then I’m here to help you make that a reality. Starting with my free help in the form of a 60-minute one-on-one conversation. Just you and me on the phone or on Skype. No strings attached.

My intention is for you to come out of this conversation with three things:

  • Renewed clarity around where you stand and where you’re going
  • At least one big Aha! that makes you shift from « I’m stuck » to « I see what’s possible! »
  • A clear understanding of the next steps to get you moving

All that while laughing and having fun together 🙂


Why I’m offering you 60 minutes of my time

Because it’s the most impactful way for me to serve you right now.

And I do this because I’m in love. With coaching.

I’ve been coaching people since 2008 (the year when I had my first training). Part-time up to now — yet I’ve worked with people on 5 continents already. And my love for that transformative art has been growing non-stop.

So much so that in 2014 is the year where went full-on: I invested time and money into additional trainings to get certified (done!). I’m being mentored by a master. And I’m building a practice.

Which leads me to invite you to have a powerful and inspiring conversation with me. Not a sales call.

what they say

Gerri-Ratigan« I’ve worked with Yan Muckle on and off since 2008. He helps to keep me grounded, motivated and moving forward. Yan hears things I don’t even know are bubbling up inside me and helps me to clarify what is the best course of action in my life. I have made better decisions because I work with him.

In Yan, I have an informed, caring perspective. He doesn’t hold back from telling me the truth and holds me to a greater version of myself. »

Gerri Ratigan — Writer, trainer, coach, New York

What I promise you

  • I won’t sugar-coat anything, yet you will have my unconditional support.
  • I will show up fully, and will hold nothing back. We will go as far as possible during our 60 minutes together (which can be very far if you show up fully too).
  • I won’t try to convince you to buy anything or manipulate you in any way.
  • I won’t expect you to do anything except be fully present while we talk.
  • The content of our conversation will be totally confidential.
  • I might invite you to continue coaching with me, but only if we are both inspired by that possibility.


Book Session

Note: the following application button leads to my online calendar — but it DOESN’T guarantee we will talk. After setting up a time that fits you, you’ll receive a link to a pre-appointment questionnaire. Your answers will help me determine whether I’m the right person to work with you or not. If I decline your application, I’ll refer you to more appropriate resources/persons.

So please take the time to answer the questions carefully and send them back ASAP!

As I’m putting more emphasis on coaching right now, I do have a few spaces for new individual clients. So now is a good time to inquire if you’d like to work with me.

But I’m not willing to work with tens of clients at a time — I still reserve a good portion of my time to writing/projects and to get my cherished dose of solitude and unbooked time…

I look forward to talk to you!

Your ally,


Questions and answers

What if I don't want to work with you afterwards?

No problem.

You might feel complete after our first conversation. Or you might not be ready to go further now. Or we might not be a perfect fit.

Since I play a bigger game than trying to enroll you as a client, all of the above would be perfect.

– Deep coaching conversations, and the intimate connections they create, are very nourishing in and of themselves. I always get out of such conversations more grounded, more conscious, and more energized than I was before, and for that alone I will feel grateful.

– The more I coach, the further I advance on the road to mastery. Doing so is thus a privilege.

– Two years from now, you might be ready. Or you might send one, two, or ten people my way over the years. But only if you’ve experienced for yourself what a deep coaching conversation is, and what it can do for you.

See how that goes? No matter what the immediate outcome is, we both end up richer in possibility because we had that talk. And because we held up a wider perspective.

Never underestimate what can be created from the simple acorn of a conversation.

What's the format for the coaching?

It would be unappropriate for me to propose a set agenda or program before we even talk.

Typically, I meet my clients three times per month for 45-90 minutes. But this coaching experience is tailored uniquely and exclusively to the person I’m working with, so the format may vary according to your unique needs and preferences.

How much would I have to invest?

Money: currently $3,300 for 6 months — or more, depending on the level of support we agree on.

You will also need to invest your time, your commitment, your inner wisdom, your willingness to stand in your own truth and your courage.

pictures: slack12 and hockadilly