octobre 10, 2014

Farewell for now…

Dear Wonder,

I’m sorry to say that I won’t be sending the English version of the Letter for an indefinite period of time…

The woman who very kindly (and super-cheaply) translated the letter for me told me last week that she wouldn’t be available anymore.

I can’t really blame her, as she told me that the letter’s content played a big part in her decision to reorient her career — and thus eliminate some of the things that were using up her time, like translation work… I’m a big proponent of SAYING NO in order to SAY YES to what is dearest to your heart, so I wish her well.

Instead of looking for someone else, I’ll streamline too and focus exclusively on the French version for the time being.

What’s in store for us then? Who knows? Here are a few possibilities:

Occasional updates

I’ll still send an email here and there when I have something special to announce or share. And I might resume the English version at some point in the future.

French version:

If you can read in French and you’d like to keep reading, you can subscribe to that version here:

One on one coaching conversation with me — an invitation

Many things have been shifting and moving lately for yours truly… Including the coaching I do.

I’m re-integrating in my coaching practice a wonderfully liberating and powerful approach that I first learned back when I had my first intensive coach trainings, in 2008-2009.

This approach has changed my life profoundly and allowed me to release so many patterns that were keeping me stuck.

Last year, my learning journey led me to receive training in a more « conventional » coaching approach at Concordia University. I worked with a mentor, received my certification, and considerably expanded my range, experience and comprehension of the coaching process.

But while I was doing so, I had to put aside my « first love », and with it a significant portion of what I knew I could do: the two modalities couldn’t coexist while I was being trained. So I refrained myself.

Now the time has come for me to integrate everything I know and make my own soup. To offer my clients the whole gamut of what I can offer, without restriction, and with an unbridled intent to serve those I work with in the most powerful way.

Result: a richer broth, warmer, tastier, and much more potent!

So here’s my invitation to you as I’m sending this last-for-now letter:


I’ll be offering a long and impactful session to 5 persons in October.


Cost: none, apart from your full attention and participation for 90-120 minutes.

Where: on Skype (or in person if you’re in Quebec City).

After: We’ll see. An ongoing coaching partnership is not for everyone.

3 criterias to be eligible:

  1. You’re facing an important and scary change and/or project
  2. You want to live/work from inspiration and wholeness rather than struggle
  3. You’re open to possibilities and ready to explore your own truth

If you feel this is for you, let me know without delay and tell me briefly « why now »…

If you think this could be for someone else, then let him/her know…

Take care and speak soon!