create + transform

Hello, my name is Yan.
I’m your ally —
partner of what you long to create,
accelerator of what you want to transform.
I invite you to tell a better story
with your life and your work.
One of those that make a difference.

So what do I do?

I write, I coach. I share, I listen. I question, I provoke.

I even write you a letter.

To increase the clarity, confidence and courage needed to create what only you can.

To support you in living a creative life.

A what? A life rooted in inspired movement instead of needless struggle.

I call it the Letter to Wonder

Sort of a love letter, adressed to anyone who is trying to tell with their life and work a story rich with meaning and purpose.

(Who is Wonder? You are. Who else?)

I talk about vitality, abundance, creative self-expression, contribution. Entrepreneurship, inspiration, productivity.

I also write about the difficulties I encountered along the way, my missteps, mistakes, illusions — all these made-up stories I still tell myself at times…

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A few recent letters